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The Hungarian Association for Electronic Signature (MELASZ), INTEGRITY Ltd. and the Institute for Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI), as well as the Council of Hungarian Internet Providers (ISZT) are launching the “Electronic Signature Day” event for establishing a new tradition. The idea came from the fact that Bill Clinton signed the U.S. Electronic Signature Act on June 30, 2000, so that day has been known as “ESIGN Day” in the United States.
The organizers goals are the following:

The presentations cover a historical overview of the electronic signature field as well as the legal and technological changes that have taken place in recent years. Current curiosities of electronic signatures are presented on this event every year, and an insight into the future solutions can also be gained.

One of the cornerstones of a trusted economy is the field of electronic authentication, electronic signing and sealing technologies. In these areas, we have numerous research and development, which ensure that electronic authentication procedures will be used continuously in everyday life in the future.

ESIGN Day - 30 June 2024

30 June 2024


ESIGN Day - 30 June 2024

The third Electronic Signature Day conference was successfully held on 30 June 2023.

Following the welcome speeches, we had the opportunity to learn first hand about NISZ's solutions, their practical experiences and their ongoing developments.

We then learned about the financial sector's requirements for electronic signatures. Before the first break, we heard more about the new responsibilities of trust service providers under the Cyber Certification Act. After the break, we heard about the pillars of e-government and then learned about the EUID Wallet information available so far and the changes to NIS2. The morning programme was rounded off with a presentation on Trust Service Provider Identification, including a demonstration of Microsec's eID Kiosk solution, which uses its eSignature Identification service to enable a certificate to be obtained in minutes.

In the afternoon, we learned about the state of the art of Attribute Certificate standards, followed by a background on i4p's Trident HSM. We were introduced to e-PostOffice, the first certified delivery service provider, and learned about the latest research trends.

After the last break, there were only two presentations left, one introducing V2XPKI for Intelligent Transport, while the other tried to dispel some misconceptions about visible signatures.

The organisers are confident that the participants have gained a lot of useful information and that we will be able to successfully organise the third conference in 2024.


ESIGN Day - 30 June 2023

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