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The Hungarian Association for Electronic Signature (MELASZ), INTEGRITY Ltd. and the Institute for Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI), as well as the Council of Hungarian Internet Providers (ISZT) are launching the “Electronic Signature Day” event for establishing a new tradition. The idea came from the fact that Bill Clinton signed the U.S. Electronic Signature Act on June 30, 2000, so that day has been known as “ESIGN Day” in the United States.
The organizers goals are the following:

The presentations cover a historical overview of the electronic signature field as well as the legal and technological changes that have taken place in recent years. Current curiosities of electronic signatures are presented on this event every year, and an insight into the future solutions can also be gained.

One of the cornerstones of a trusted economy is the field of electronic authentication, electronic signing and sealing technologies. In these areas, we have numerous research and development, which ensure that electronic authentication procedures will be used continuously in everyday life in the future.

ESIGN Day - 30 June 2021

30 June 2021


The first Electronic Signature Day conference was a success in 2021

Following the greetings, the morning program gave the interested participants a glimpse into the future, where the speakers asked questions about the opportunities we will have after the proliferation of quantum computers, what we need to do for using intelligent vehicles safely, what should we do if we want to increase the security of electronic mails, and how to credibly prove that a particular role belongs to a particular person.

The afternoon program presented the regulatory environment from a historical and technological perspectives, i.e. the regulatory demands arising from the introduction of electronic signatures in Europe in 1999, European and global obligations and issues for trust service providers, and the legal and technological implications of advanced electronic signatures based on biometry.

The legal outlook was closed by a presentation on the intertwining and future indispensability of technology and the legal career. In the education section, we were able to get an idea of what was happening in the ECDL electronic authentication module, and to make sure that it was possible to transfer technological knowledge at the national level that could bring about serious social change. During the conference, participants were able to get answer of a number of questions, and there was an opportunity to make and develop professional relationships.

The last section of the conference was the quiz section with 29 questions, the top three of those who gave the correct answers became richer with valuable gifts. Regarding the attendance data, after the registration of almost 100 people, most of them were logged in during the morning (66 people), but 50 people were on average curious about the presentations in the afternoon also.

The organizers are confident that the participants have been enriched with a number of useful information, and we will be able to successfully organize - now with a personal presence - the second conference in 2022.

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ESIGN Day - 30 June 2021


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